MakTRAX Develops Extreme Sales Traction and Produces Revenue Growth for Technology Companies

MakTRAX is a hybrid technology revenue creation company that creates the demand, introduces technology and helps companies move to sales closure while producing revenue. MakTRAX core philosophy is the creation of extreme sales traction, quickly and cost effectively.

MakTRAX was formed to address a significant need within the growth technology sector by assisting with sales strategy, sales plan creation and sales pipeline measurement.

MakTRAX Helping Technology Companies Towards Growth

With over 35 years of experience across multiple technology sectors including software, hardware, services, infrastructure and cloud computing; MakTRAX has proven revenue generation success.

MakTRAX Success Highlights:

    • Over 8,000 Paying IT Customers
    • Large Multi-Million Dollar OEM Deals
      • IBM
      • DELL
      • LENOVO
      • Hitachi
      • SIEMENS
      • ACER & others
    • Over 1,000,000 customer contacts including email & phone

MakTRAX is a high powered sales generation engine that creates demand, introduces technology and moves to sales closure. MakTRAX is not a marketing company, a sales rep company, or a reseller.

MakTRAX is focused on the sales results on companies.