Taking Technology Companies on the Track to Extreme Growth with MakTRAX Sales Traction Methodology


sales traction methodology

Sales Traction Methodology the MakTRAX Difference

MakTRAX produces revenue for technology companies and helps them develop sales traction and growth through effective sales tools, demand creation engines, and contact lists.

Growing technology companies don’t have the capital or time to hire & train a full high powered sales team. MakTRAX brings years of proven experience, business networks and an effective sales traction methodology to streamline the process by scaling faster and more effectively. Once the company hits scale, MakTRAX can transitions and train the internal sales machine.

  • Sales Strategy

    Help build the company’s plan to build its brand, generate sales and increase revenue.

  • Sales Plans

    Develop sales targets and tactics. Then choose sales strategies suited to reach target market.

  • Sales Pipeline Measurement

    Assess and analyze the sales pipeline for extreme forecasting and identify sales life cycles to target revenues.

  • Demand Creation

    End user demand creation and customer acquisition strategies and plans.

  • Channel Development

    Access and build channel development at distribution and reseller tiers.

  • Partnership Development

    OEM and ECO-System alliance with access to many mulit-million dollar c-suite execs.