Redefining Patient Care through Smart Technology on Cloud Medical Devices

The marketing for cloud medical devices has just begun. New software technologies for medical device cloud platform allows for remote monitoring enabling healthcare professionals to provide a higher level of patient care.

Software technology solutions include prepared asset management reports, operating status, record of treatment and alert history, and an API (application programming interface) to easily import the data to other EMR/HER applications for different medical devices.

MakTRAX on the Forefront of the Cloud Medical Devices & Software

MakTRAX is working technology companies to connect technologies with medical device manufacturers in this next era of health care, especially in the managed services market. Smart medical device technology essentially transforms today’s medical device into a cloud medical device.

Technologies can integrated into medical devices that are equipped with a cellular modem to connect in real-time to a cloud application that provides continuous operating status and immediate notifications for more effective, coordinated care.


Increase Compliance

Increase Patient Security

Reduce Costs
Reporting, tracking, and monitoring software can report use to healthcare professionals. Custom remote monitoring capabilities increases patient safety for 24/7 care. Eliminating the need for continuous check ins from outpatient care nurses.