Hybrid Cloud Creates a Seismic Market Shift

The IT marketplace has always moved at an accelerated pace with technologies literally becoming obsolete overnight. Never has that rate of change greater, faster, steeper and more dramatic than the introduction of the Cloud and Hybrid Cloud. These technologies have created a seismic shift on both the buy side and the sell side of the technology market continuum. MakTRAX has been on the forefront of this shift since the introduction of cloud computing to the evolution of the hybrid cloud.

The Hybrid Cloud Creates a Scalable Environment to Clients

Hybrid cloud is a cloud computing environment that uses a mix of on-premises, private cloud and third-party, public cloud services with orchestration between the two platforms.

MakTRAX is heavily focused on companies and technologies that service this explosive sector where software, infrastructure and IT services that address Cloud and Hybrid Cloud as a key focus.

Improved Security

Driving Innovation

Cost Benefits

Place sensitive data on a server while running front-end applications in the cloud. Take advantage of cloud technologies, while retaining applications data centers. Benefit from the public cloud’s cost efficiency and on-demand scalability.